Beloved in Christ,

1.    Pray for these ministries
 “Pray for us also, that may God open a door to us for the Word,  to proclaim the mystery concerning the Love of Christ, that we may proclaim it fully, as is our duty.”

(Col 4:3,4)
“And pray also for us, that utterance may be given us, that we may open our mouth to proclaim boldly the power of love.” (Eph 6:19)    Prayer brings victory !

2.    Encourage us 
We would like to have you in this ‘Amazing Grace Foundation’ as our precious partners.  And we also welcome your valuable suggestions and volunteer contributions to organise social activities to bring revival in their lives.  “He who contributes, let him do it in simplicity and liberality; he who gives aid do it in singleness of mind; he who does act mercy, with genuine cheerfulness and joyful eagerness.” (Ro.12:8)

3.    Be a blessing to many
Feel privileged to serve the Lord to build and extend His kingdom. “He who has pity on the poor lends to the Lord, and that which he has given, He will repay to him.”
(Pro 19:17). Your bounteous support will help us to show the love of Christ to the people through our deeds.
“Let us not love in theory or speech, but in deed and truth”
 (1.John 3:18)

4.    Uphold our Coworkers 
Make this work much effective and fruitful by your joyous support.
“For God is not unrighteous to forget or overlook your labor and the love which you have shown for His name’s sake in ministering to the needs of the saints…” (Hebr. 6:10)

5.    Share and motivate
Be happy to introduce our to your friends and relatives to uphold us by their blessed support.
“For we are fellow workmen (joint promotors and laborers together) with and for God”  (1.Cor.3:9)

Dear People of God,
As per the Lord’s leading,
would you like to uphold this work for His glory?
Be blessed forever…

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