Lord’s Prayer

Father, our father, all glory to Your name.
D    –             G  D           G      D            D  A
Father, our father, now and forever. A–men
D    –             G  D       G                D       A7  D
1 You’re to us like a father, who us never forgets.
.                   D              e   D                  G             D
who inspite of his power approachable is.
.            D                   e  D          A                D
2  Your kingdom shall come Your will shall be done.
on earth as in heaven shall see everyone.
3  Give us what we need, give this day our bread.
forgive our rebellion against You and Your law.
4  Teach us to forgive as You forgive us,
Learn to be faithful like You’re loving us.
5  Take away thoughts of doubt and temptation as well,
and deliver from evil by Your powerful word.
6  Your power has no end  we bank on this fact,
You’re a wonderful ruler Your kingdom never end.

CCLI-Song # 4334523,  Licence # 1382128

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